Lifetime Warranty

Early in Integral Hockey’s evolution we were very surprised with the lack of warranty returns of our repairs. We expected a certain percentage to be returned, but after a few years our technology was performing and holding up in the harsh environment much higher than expected. Since 2015 we have been offering a Lifetime Warranty with all of our repairs at the repair zone.

If for whatever reason the stick you had repaired, or refurbished stick purchased from Integral Hockey is subject to warranty at the repair zone please do not hesitate to immediately contact the location where the work was performed.

There is one area of the stick that Integral Hockey cannot repair. It is located at the hosel between the shaft and blade of the stick. This area cannot be repaired to Integral Hockey’s standards, and would end up with an external repair. External repairs of a hollow element would need a plug, taking away from the strength required for regular game play. Also an external repair of the hosel would greatly diminish the balance, weight, and desired flexibility in that area of the stick.